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Activities allow children to have a hands-on learning experience, which requires initiative, decision-making, problem-solving skills and tenacity.


When we learn through first-hand experience, we learn more quickly, retain more information and are better able to apply the lessons learned to our personal lives, either now or in the future. 


Further benefits of experiential learning include:


Ability to immediately apply knowledge: Activities provide an opportunity to immediately apply what children have learned to solve real-world challenges. 


Opportunity for creativity: In the real world there is not one answer to every question and there is not one solution to every problem. Experiential learning enables children to engage the creative parts of their brains to come up with a variety of their own solutions. Others in the class will also benefit from seeing the creativity of others. 


Opportunity for teamwork: Experiential learning usually involves more than one person, either in the activity itself or in the reflection afterwards. This can provide the opportunity for collaboration and teamwork. 


Opportunity for reflection: Reflection is an important part of experiential learning. Activities help turn theoretical lessons into concrete experiences. This helps pupils to engage more of their brain to make more personal connections with the material. Through reflection they can see how their actions may affect the outcome and how their application may be different to other students. This can foster feelings of self-empowerment as well as respect for others. 


Accelerated learning: Practicing skills strengthen the neural connections in our brain. This makes us learn more effectively and quickly.


More enjoyable learning experience: The personal nature of experiential learning allows children to learn on both the intellectual and emotional level. When students are able to see the impact of their actions in the activity outcomes, they experience greater enjoyment and pride in their work. It can enhance their passion for continued learning.

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