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"A beautiful story grounded in the principles of positive psychology, growth mindset and realistic optimism. Perfect for helping little ones to respond to a complicated world with courage, hope and wisdom"

Dr Mark Williamson, Director of Action for Happiness

"Let’s stop teaching our children to see the world with fatalism and fear. They need to know that when people apply their ingenuity and sympathy to solving the world’s problems, they often succeed. Little Ruffle is a charming and uplifting story of humanity at its best. It instills the glow of confidence, grounded in reality, that the next generation will need to push human progress along".

Steven Pinker, Harvard Psychology Professor and best-selling author of "Enlightenment Now"

Through the eyes of Little Ruffle, children will learn to see the good in the world! This revolutionary book lays the foundations for conversations about the mental health impact of the news on young minds. A brilliant resource for both parents and educators as it will empower younger generations - this book is the first of its kind.

Philippa Browne - Deputy head, Langley Park Primary School

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