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"We need a negative focus to survive and a positive focus to thrive"
Dr Richard Boyatzis

Solution Seeking Activity #1

The power of questions in our quest for solutions


Solution Seeking Activity #2

The power of focus in shaping our picture of the world


Too much bad news is bad for our mental health. It can make us feel anxious, pessimistic, helpless, hostile and fearful. When we supplement our information diet with solutions, it provides balance, perspective and context. This balance has been shown to:

  • Reduce anxiety 

  • Improve our mood in the short term

  • Shift our mindset in the long term

  • Create a restored faith in humanity 

  • Builds social cohesion

  • Increases hope

  • Increases optimism

  • Increases self-empowerment


These last three states, combined, give us the belief that the future CAN be better than the past (not that it WILL be) and that our actions are able to make a difference. This can lead to active coping; where we feel better able to confront and correct a problem, rather than become overwhelmed by, and avoid, a problem. 

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