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Jodie Jackson is an expert on the psychological impact of the news and the author of the bestselling book “You Are What You Read: why changing your media diet can change the world”. 

Jodie’s research shows that too much bad news is bad for you. She advises that solutions news could be the antidote! Jodie's work gives practical guidance on both how and why changing your media diet to include solutions has the power to improve your mental health, transform your life, and just possibly change the world.


Jodie holds a Master’s in Positive Psychology and is a partner at The Constructive Journalism Project. Her widely cited research has led to speaking engagements at universities, organisations and both media and mental health conferences around the world.


We are all familiar with the saying ‘you are what you eat’: a simple, but effective summary that has made us increasingly aware of the impact and consequences that food has on our physical health. Well, food is to the body what information is to the mind. The consequences of our mental diet are less visible but just as powerful.

About The Illustrator

All of the wonderful illustrations in Little Ruffle and The World Beyond were create by Sarah-Leigh Wills. Sarah's website can be found here.

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