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8 - 22nd Dec: “Kid of the Year”, female football firsts and a million dollar prize shared...

Speculation of Coronavirus mutation has been met with fear and concern. However, a recent article from ‘The Conversation’ discusses why and how mutations happen as a normal part of evolution, and that new strains may not mean a better or worse outcome for the Covid-19 climate. (The Conversation)

This makes Tasmania one of only a few places worldwide entirely powered by renewable energy. The state hopes to hit 200% renewable energy by 2040. The additional energy produced would then be provided to Australia’s National Electricity Market. (One Green Planet)

It will grow around 1000 tons of local greens a year. In theory, because the greens will not be coming from abroad, they will be much fresher when they reach grocery stores and consumers and can also help reduce food waste.

The futuristic farm on the outskirts of Copenhagen, will reduce the need for international food imports and hopes to make food production more sustainable. (Fast Company)

Gun violence is a pressing issue in Chicago. After three years of dropping rates, gun violence in Chicago is up 51%, making it the most violent city in America. But an organisation called CRED is looking to buck this trend. It has proven successful, showing that communities working with CRED have, in this same time, dropped gun violence by 33%. It uses data to track where shootings happen, and who are the most likely victims and perpetrators then recruits participants through a street outreach program; they pay for them to attend counselling, schooling and training before placing them into jobs in and around the state. This positive deviation from gun violence shows a scalable solution for lowering gun violence in Chicago and America as a whole. (Reasons to be Cheerful)

We may soon be able to eat waste carbon dioxide that would have normally gone into the environment as Biotech start up, LanzaTech is turning it into nutritious products. The innovative company is also transforming it into substitutes for substances we need and use, like Palm-Oil and Omega 3, that are currently sourced in ways that damage our environment. (Fast Company)

In a bill past this December, 63 of the 69 members of parliament, voted in favour of amending the penal code that criminalised homosexuality. This change is legislation is a step towards easing restrictions on same-sex relationships in the Asian nation. (CNN)

Disale was awarded the prize by TV host Stephen Fry before announcing his plans to share the prize money with the nine runners-up in the competition in order to help them continue their teaching work around the world. (CNN)

Selected from over 5,000 applicants, Gitanjali was awarded the title for her contribution to the apps she has developed to tackle contaminated drinking water, cyberbullying, opioid addiction and other social problems. For 92 years, Time has presented “Person of the Year” but this new award has been introduced to recognise the rising leaders of America’s young generation. (AP News)

College goalkeeper Sarah Fuller was asked to step in to help the male team when one of the players was forced to quarantine after potentially being exposed to coronavirus. On the back of her helmet was a sticker that said, “Play Like a Girl”. When interviewed, she said “I just want to tell all the girls out there that you can do anything you set your mind to. You really can,” Sarah Fuller. (News For Kids)

As we move into 2021 and set new goals for ourselves, this TED talk will show that mastering any skill, meeting any goal and maximising our potential takes effective practice. This short talk will show how the inner workings of our brains develop when we practice, practice, practice. (TED)


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